USD deposit rates for IBU GIFT City branch with effect from Jan 22, 2024


With premature option / With notice period option

7 days to < 31 days


31 days to < 3 months


3 months to < 6 months


6 months to < 9 months


9 months to <12 months


12 months to < 15 months


15 months to < 18 months


18 months to < 24 months


24 months to < 36 months


36 months to 39 months



Terms and Conditions:

  • FDs opened under without premature withdrawal option cannot be withdrawn before maturity 
  • For FDs opened under with Premature option, 0.50% penalty will be applicable if withdrawn before maturity 
  • In case the interest rate applicable to the deposit is less than 0.50%, no interest is payable on such deposit. However, the principal will be protected. 
  • In case the deposit sought to be broken is held for a period equivalent to a tenure for which deposits are offered by the Bank, the interest on the deposit would be lower of the rate applicable to such tenure and rate applicable for its original tenure (as existing at the time of value date of opening/renewal of the deposit sought to be broken), less 0.50% 
  • In certain scenarios, the amount returned to the customer on premature withdrawal could be less than the principal to the extent of interest already paid out to the customer
  • Simple interest is paid at the applicable rate for deposit up to a period of 12 months. For deposits above 12 months, interest at the applicable rate is compounded annually 
  • For other T&C : The deposit account and the business relationship between the customer and ICICI Bank Limited-GIFT IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) are governed by the provisions of the Application Form submitted by the customer as well as ICICI Bank Limited-GIFT IBU General Terms and Conditions stipulated in Application form submitted by the customer as may be amended from time to time. 
  • All term deposits accepted from Individuals will only have premature withdrawal facility. 


Above given rates are subject to change without any prior notice. Actual rate will be quoted at the time of placement of deposit by the customer.